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Garlic Sherbert

Product Information: Hybrid

Prices: 3.5grams- $40, 7grams- $70, 14grams-$120, 28grams- $200

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If Garlic Sherbert was the name of a dessert, I doubt many people would order it. But since it’s the name of a cannabis strain, it must mean this stinky hybrid packs a punch. With the THC of this strain often testing around 28%, this assumption is precisely correct. Leaning slightly more towards the Indica side, Garlic Sherbert comes from crossing Blue Sherbert with GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies.

The Garlic Sherbert buds consist of long and curled purple and dark-green leaves. It is hard to see them because they are covered in a coating of short, yellow-trichome hairs. These fuzzy, amber-patches and long, orange-pistils account for most of what can be seen.

This strain has a chemical odor, with gassy tones, along with hints of garlic and onion. A sweet berry-musk can be noted, even more so when combusted, along with a funky, garlicky aftertaste.

This high-powered Indica seems to charge the battery instantly, as some users reported a calm yet focused wave of motivation overcoming them. Despite the high THC content, users felt they were still able to be productive and remain focused while pain and anxiety were greatly reduced. Some users suggested that medical users, suffering from ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression might benefit from the soothing qualities of Garlic Sherbet. After what was described as a clear-headed euphoria, most users saw a surprisingly gentle return to cruising altitude. Stimulation of appetite and a deeper sleep was reported by some users, making Garlic Sherbet a versatile hybrid that can serve a purpose in the morning or evening.

Garlic Sherbert has been seen at dispensaries around popping up throughout the U.S. and seeds are available from In House Genetics. Many seem to agree that this potent strain offers soothing therapeutic benefits without the immobilizing couch-lock seen in many Indicas.