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Cannabis and Covid-19: How to make your new normal a little less uncomfortable.

Wake up, Toronto. The new normal is among us. Gone are the days of social gathering, like going to a scrunny club at 11pm at night with your best buds. Gone are the days where Queen St on a friday night was like walking down a mini-manhattan. “You used to be able to actually see peoples faces,” is something I might have to say to my child someday. (Granted, I dont actually even have kids).

This whole china-virus thing has all of us a bit tired, no? So what better way to unwind and relax after cleaning your house for the 10th time, or listening to your favorite Joe Rogan podcast for the 20th? Well, if your answer to my question was a big fat “Why Dont you exercise!” Then Id tell you to kiss my best foot. No, the answer to all your covid-19 woes and woos is to simply roll a fat blunt, and smoke it to a compliation of Snoop dogs funniest moments on youtube.

No, in all seriousness. Aren’t we all glad Toronto made recreational smoking legal in 2019? Or was it 2018…Fuck it, my memories gotten so bad these days, I swear to God i can barely even remember what I did in the last 30 minutes.

Cannabis has a lot of health benefits, such as relieving chronic pain and weight loss dieting. Cannabis isnt all shits and giggles, It really helps you lift your mood and cures Depression. Well, maybe it doesnt cure your depression, but it does make you feel alittle squishy in side. And i mean the good squishy.

Good thing for you, Youre on a cannabis delivery website. Why not hit us up for a quick delivery to your place? If you live in toronto, you actually just hit the sweet spot because we actually deliver to folks in Toronto. (And Scarborough, for that matter).

We know you want to.

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